NFT tokens

We have issued NFT tokens, in the form of digital bonds. We invest the proceeds from the sale of tokens in the trading of our bots, which will ensure profit growth up to 200% per annum.

All tokens are divided into 5 grades

We invest the profit received above the plan in the development of new strategies and improvement of the bots.

All funds are divided into three parts

Dividend payments are made after one year from the date of purchase of the token. First of all, there is a payment for S-grade tokens, then A, B, C.

Tokens have a set of features

And on the banknotes you can see stock charts, fractals, and hidden text.

If you collect tokens with different denominations and the same number, you will receive an enchanting set. This will double your payouts.

The rules are very simple

Tokens can be purchased on the Opensea NFT platform